HashCalc 2.02

SlavaSoft Inc. (Freeware)

HashCalc is a calculator program developed by SlavaSoft, Inc. It is used for computing HMACs, messages digests, and checksums for files. It can also be used for calculating hex strings and text strings. The program provides 13 of the most common checksum and hash algorithms.

The program’s interface is straightforward. It offers a standard window that provides all the options straight from the main interface. To use it, the user only has to choose the file to be calculated and the desired cryptographic hash functions. The program also features a drag-and-drop support when importing the files to be calculated. Users can choose from nine cryptographic hash functions including MD4, MD5, SHA256, SHA512, SHA384, and more. Selecting to calculate the HMAC is also possible. When this is selected, users can specify the key format (hex string or text string) and the key. The HMAC checkbox should be unchecked when calculating checksums and digests. Users can calculate almost any type of file including documents, video games, movies, software, music, and others.

Other features offered by HashCalc include:

• Support for large-sized files (up to 15GB)
• Support for up to three input data formats including hex strings, text strings, and files
• Two calculation modes – HMAC or Hash/Checksum
• Custom hash algorithms support