Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix™

J.K. Rowling (Proprietary)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the 5th title in the Harry Potter series. It features the main character, Harry, as he studis in Hogwarts for his fifth year. It also features the return of an active Lord Voldermort and a world wherein the magical authorities are unable to stop what is going to happen now that the Dark Lord has arrived.

The book’s title is taken from an army that Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, has formed during Voldemort’s reign of terror some years before Harry Potter was born. Now that Voldemort is back, Dumbledore reformed the army with surviving members, along with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The Order’s mission is to defeat Voldemort and protect Harry. However, Harry feels he does not need protection. Most of the magical world does not believe in Harry and Dumbledore’s claims that Voldemort is alive. Even the Ministry of Magic does not want to credit him. Harry must find his way to find out what is happening and prove to the world that Voldemort is alive.

Exciting new things are also happening at Hogwarts. Harry has a new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. There is a looming OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) Exams, and the formation of Dumbledore’s Army – a group of students who are up in arms to defeat Voldemort.