Harrison's 15th Edition CD-ROM

McGraw-Hill (Proprietary)

The Harrison's 15th Edition CD-ROM provides users with access to the content of the 15th edition of the book Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. This includes tables, text, illustrations, color images, links to online resources, video segments, and the first volume of the Drug Information for the Health Care Professional. In addition, it has new articles that are not included in the physical version, as well as the book content’s updates, overviews and summaries of new clinical trials, new references, and original editorials.

With this CD, users can bookmark, print, and annotate content easily. There are five search options that allow users to locate information, pictures, and charts quickly. Users can set the search precision through the Smartmatch feature.

When the program is accessed, users are greeted with an opening screen that shows the search window. Users can search for any text or click on the program’s title, which would show the 15 parts, color atlases, front matter, and appendices. Clicking on any of these would then bring the user to the main content. Each chapter is further divided into sections.

The text contains hyperlinks as well as links to related charts, pictures, and diagrams. Users can add notes to the text by clicking the button labeled “Open/Create Note”. Users can write annotations of any length.