Hardwipe 2.1 (Freeware)

Hardwipe is a system utility tool that is used to wipe and clean files in Windows OS. The cleaning process is optimized to have faster performance. It has an intelligent disk allocation cache, which allows the computer to remain responsive even during the cleaning process. The application can permanently remove selected files in the hard drive or any type of portable storage device. The program can clean an entire disk or clean files manually. With this function, users are secured from unauthorized recovery of sensitive or confidential data.

The program includes verification and audit logging which monitors cleaning activities. Once the cleaning process is done, it has an automatic shutdown feature for lengthy drive operations. The program is integrated within the operating system for easy access at any instant by simply clicking the application icon.

Hardwipe has a Portable Edition pack that supports different languages including Spanish and French. The Portable edition pack is enhanced by featuring its’ newly design program interface. The speed control button is replaced with a simple drop-down box menu. There are also minor changes which include updated QT libraries, schedule reminder for system updating, and bug fixing updates. The new version was able to fix the error that disable the cleaning process because of large FAT32 drives.