Hardware Monitor Pro 1.16

CPUID (Freeware)

Hardware Monitor Pro or HWMonitor Pro is an application for monitoring the system. It displays system information, such as fan speed, temperature, voltage, and system power. The program doesn’t need to be installed in the computer in order for it to operate. The program can be saved in a USB stick and used with other systems. The program’s main window shows information about the computer, such as the sensor, value, minimum, and maximum values. The options for the program can also be changed including the temperature display, logs, and remote monitoring.

Hardware Monitor Pro displays information on the system tray even when the main window is not launched. Users have the option to choose which sensor values to display. This can be done by right clicking a sensor on the main window and clicking on ‘Add to Tray’. There are five numbers that appear on the system tray, each with a different color.

• Voltages – Green
• Temperature – Blue
• Power – Red
• Fan and Fan PWM – Purple
• Current Power – Violet

One of the main features of Hardware Monitor Pro is remote monitoring. With this feature, users can monitor several computers by using a TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) connection.