HardCopy Pro 7.5

DeskSoft (Shareware)

From DeskSoft comes Hard Copy Pro. It is a straightforward, flexible, and easy-to-use screen capture utility for Microsoft Windows. It comes with an easy to understand user-interface, making it friendly for novice and advanced PC users alike. More advanced users will like taking advantage of certain features of the program that allow them to tweak the properties of the image they have captured. While the program does come with some presets to get users on their feet and using the program immediately, it is also fully customizable to suite any user’s needs.

Hard Copy Pro can capture rectangular areas of the user’s current screen. Whether it is the entire screen, an active window, or just a small portion that that the user would like to capture, Hard Copy Pro can do all of that. For more advanced users, customizable options for color depth, can be tweaked within the program. This comes in handy when users wish to print in monochrome or wish to have the image captured to have smaller file sizes. The captured images can then be saved, copied to the clipboard, printed, or emailed. The program also includes a timer function that can be used to automate the screen capturing function. It supports several file types for output, namely JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and PNG.