Hard Truck Tycoon

Valusoft (Proprietary)

Hard Truck PC Tycoon is a computer game where the user has to manage a trucking business. In this game, the player manages a trucking business and ensures that the truck drivers are doing what they are tasked to do. For example, one goal in the game is to deliver the goods to a specific location. Driving to and from the destination costs money. Thus, the player must also find the most efficient way of getting to the destination. This means finding the shortest possible route to reach it. As the player gets more clients, the player's trucking business grows. As the business grows, it can expand. This allows the purchase of new trucks to serve new customers and add more routes.

The game has thirty different kinds of trucks that the player can choose from. These trucks must also be purchased. There are different scenarios present in the game. However, there is no linear path as to what scenario must be played through first. Rather, it is the player's choice as to what scenario to start or play. The trucks the player encounters and uses in Hard Truck Tycoon are based on actual trucks from the 1960s up to the present.