Hard Reset Extended Edition

Flying Wild Hog (Proprietary)

Hard Reset Extended Edition is a single player shooter computer game where the player takes the role of Major Fletcher, an Army Combat Veteran and soldier. He is caught between the crossfire of the most powerful and evil enemies of mankind. The story is told using speech bubbles and stark. As an extended edition, it adds five more levels, four new enemies and one new boss character to the previous version. To access the game, the player must enter an obligatory CD key and register for an account on Kalypso’s servers.

Hard Reset Extended Edition happens on a fictional cyber-urban wasteland called Bezoar with alleyways, tunnels, twisted pipes, and legions of robots ready to shoot the player at any point. There are also environmental booby traps like electricity blocks, touchy barrels, gas, and air conditioners. There are two classes of weapons used in the game: a slug thrower and an energy gun. Both look like Swiss Army knives but can be upgraded and transformed into a rocket launcher or a shotgun. The game is played mostly using the keyboard. The number keys are used to shift through options, while the right mouse has different options depending on what weapon is being used by the player.