Hard Hat IV 1

Damaged Games (Freeware)

Hard Hat IV, developed by Damaged Games, is the fourth game in the Hard Hat series. The series is based in the classic Mega Man games. In this series, the player controls a character named Hard Hat, a Metool, who seeks to defeat Robot Masters. This fourth chapter in the series is titled “The Doc Robot” and the objective of the game is to seek out and defeat an evil adversary named Dr. Light, who has been making Robot Masters and a powerful robot called the Doc Robot.

The game is simple and easy to play. It is reminiscent of the popular Mega Man games with basic controls and geometric 2D graphics. Hard Hat IV: The Doc Robot may be played by one hand on the keyboard; a mouse is not required. The basic controls are Z for Jump, X for Shoot, and C for Special Attack. The left and right arrow keys make the character move according to the specified direction, while the down arrow key makes the character duck to dodge ammunition. Users can press the spacebar to pause the game and return to the Main Menu. The F4 function key expands the game to full screen. To end the game, users can simply press the ESC key. Players may also customize the game pad to change the controls to their preferred keys.

The game provides options for players to make the game more challenging by picking stronger enemies, and by making the character lose a life in certain terrain.