Hard Drive Powerwash 2.00 (Freeware)

Hard Driver Powerwash is an application that enables users to remove junk files and clutter from the computer in order to make space for more programs. It is capable of removing temporary Internet files, files from Web browser windows, shortcuts that lead to nowhere, and other unnecessary files and folders that are taking up space in the system. The application has an interface similar to Windows explorer, which makes it easy to use for just about anyone who is already familiar with the Windows interface.

On the main window, users can access the different areas of the computer from the panel on the left side. The categories that are available include Drive Cleaning, Internet Cleaning, Custom Items, Program Settings, and Results.

• Drive Cleaning – Under the Drive Cleaning option, users have the choice to search default temporary folders, or all the user profiles in the computer. There is also an option to remove all files with any type of file extension from the temporary files folder.
• Internet Cleaning – Under the Internet Cleaning option, users can choose the items to remove including index.dat files, types URLs, cookies, history, and the browser cache.
• Custom Items – Users can also choose to customize the items to remove from the computer under this option.