Hard Drive Inspector Professional Portable (Freeware)

Hard Drive Inspector Professional Portable is a handy and more convenient version of the program Hard Drive Inspector, an application that monitors the health of the computer’s hard drive. It is also capable of warning users if any sort of disk failure is forthcoming, so that users will be able to take the necessary action. This application gives users suggestions on how to prevent data loss. For instance, it checks the temperature of the hard disk and informs users if it is overheated.

One of the key features of this application is the S.M.A.R.T. Details page, which contains the detailed information about pertinent parameters that describe the reliability and performance of the hard drive. Advanced users can see this page by clicking on the S.M.A.R.T. Details tab from the application’s main screen.

This hard drive monitoring utility is simple and has a clear layout that is easy to understand. The Health Summary tab shows a brief overview of the hard drive’s current performance and reliability status. It also shows the external drives that are connected to the computer. In addition to reliability and performance, Hard Drive Inspector also shows the drive’s error resistance rate, capacity, free space, and the amount of time it has been powered on. Users can also see the Technical Information of their drives, save and send the status report, and view the temperature diagram.