Hard Drive Formatter

SAT-NET (Shareware)

SAT-NET’s Hard Drive Formatter is the answer to formatting problems encountered periodically by Windows users. When a USB drive or a computer hard drive becomes corrupted, Windows is not always capable of formatting the drive. Hard Drive Formatter is a utility that deletes the drive partition and then creates a new format when this situation arises. The user interface is familiar to Windows users, being quite similar to the Windows default format utility. This program is also capable of quick formatting. Upon launch, all the user needs to do is select the drive that needs to be formatted.

Windows users find it very inconvenient indeed to see the dreaded "Windows cannot complete the format" clause on their computer screens. With this driver formatter, this problem is solved pronto. Hard Drive Formatter is created especially to fix corrupt drives. When Windows Disk Management does not work, this program will fill the gap. As a supplement to Windows systems, this program is guaranteed to restore the efficacy of the USB or hard disk.

Since it is designed for one purpose, all its power is dedicated to formatting. This tool is also easy to use not just for Windows users but those who are not familiar with the system as well. Prompts are clear and concise and the user interface is easy to navigate.