Hard Disk Tune-Up

Sammsoft (Shareware)

Hard Disk Tune-Up is a system utility that helps users improve the speed and maintain their hard drive. As time passes, files in the computer are fragmented and this slows down the system. This can slow down launching of programs and even booting of the system. The application defragments computer files and optimizes the system. It is an easy to use interface, which makes it easy to use even for novice computer users.

The program’s main window shows the steps on how to use the application. The welcome screen shows a summary of the system’s status including the recommended action, last defrag status, and subscriptions status. Users can click on the scan button to start scanning the system. When the scanning process begins, users can view a visual representation of the files. These files (fragmented, optimized, used space, MFT, free space, and processing) are also color-coded. After the system scan, users can see the results. It displays the number of non-optimized files, size in MB of non-optimized data, data fragmentation, and volume fragmentation percentages. Users just need to click on the “Optimize Now” button to start the optimization process.

Hard Disk Tune-Up does not clog up system resources and is easy to use.