Hard Disk Sentinel

H.D.S. Hungary (Shareware)

Hard Disk Sentinel, also known as HDSentinel, is a program used for diagnosing, monitoring, and analyzing Hard Disk Drive and SDD devices. Its main purpose is to detect, test, diagnose, and fix problems on your computer’s HDD. The program will report and show the HDD and SSD’s performance degradations, health, as well as failures. It also offers a comprehensive description, tips, and reports about the computer’s SDD and HDD. It works by checking the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) status of your disks. If the program detects an error, users are warned and provided with suggested solutions.

Hard Disk Sentinel features Control Advanced Power Management and Free Fall Control for disk management purposes. It can also be used as a backup tool with several available methods. For developers, it offers the API Interface. There are also different remote monitoring abilities offered by the program. Aside from performing tests, it can also be used for performing Seek Noise Test and Enhanced Disk Tests. All degradations and issues found by the program are logged for further analysis by the user. The program also alerts users whenever a problem is detected. Users can be notified through email, SMS, or network message. HDSentinel offers users to turn off the computer if there is hard disk failure, overheating, or health degradation.