Hanso Burner

HansoTools LLC (Freeware)

Hanso Burner is a disc authoring program that allows users to create different kinds of discs. It can be used for backing up photos, images, videos, and important files. It has a simple user interface that beginners will be able to operate. On the main window are seven options that the user can choose from. The five tasks that can be done with the program are the following:

• Data DVD – Users can create a DVD containing data files. This DVD can be accessed using other computers.
• Audio Disc – Users can also create audio discs with the program. Users can create a playlist and burn an audio disc for playback on mp3 players and other computers.
• Video Disc – This tool enables users to create video discs that can be played on computers or disc players.
• Write Image – This tool allows users to burn an image file to a disc.
• Copy Disc – This feature allows users to create a backup copy of a disc.

In addition to these tasks, Hanso Burner can also be used for reading discs that are inserted to the computer. It can read video and audio discs, as well as media playlists. Users can also burn a data disc for use with other computers.