Zoom Corporation (Freeware)

HandyShare is a simple application that allows users to edit video and audio files. It is a program that just about anyone can use. Projects created with the application can then be shared on video sharing sites. The application’s graphical user interface is divided into different tasks. These tasks are as follows:

• Trimming – This section allows users to trim videos to their desired length. Once a video is imported to the program, it appears on the main window. Users can then drag the sliders to set the start and end time for the trimmed video. There is also a player where users can preview the video file. Afterwards, users can just click on the Save button to get the output file.
• Effects – Under the effects section, users can change the video’s audio quality. There are three menus where users can choose from various effects. The three menus are reverb, mastering, and normalize. The audio can be checked by clicking on the Preview button. Once the user is happy with the sound, the audio settings can be saved.
• Upload – This section allows the user to upload the project on a video sharing site. They can provide the title, description, tags, and choose the category for the video.