mai62 (Shareware)

HandyCache is a shareware that has numerous useful features for Internet users. It is similar in function to SquidNT for Windows and Squid for Linux, though its interface is more familiar than that of Squid. HandyCache is capable of caching files transmitted via HTTP protocol. This program saves bandwidth and facilitates easier and faster Internet surfing. HandyCache is developed by mai62.

The following are some of the main functions of HandyCache:
• Saves browsing history and Internet traffic
• Speeds loading
• Blocks access to specific sites
HandyCache provides the cache that is normally taken from the Web so that traffic is used 3-4 times. Storage of a cache will remove the need to download it again and again every single time the user surfs the Web. This is possible because the next request made by the user will not be taken from the Internet but from the local computer instead. Consequently, the cache is stored in the computer such that the site can be opened offline if there is no Internet connection present.

HandyCache may have similarities with Squid but it is easier to operate. There is no need for advanced computing skills. Users with a background in operating Squid will have no trouble running HandyCache.