Handy Software Lab's HTTP Monitor.

Handy Software Lab, (Shareware)

Handy Software Lab's HTTP Monitor by Handy Software Lab is a program that is meant for the use of web server administrators. This program offers them with essential information, including the server operations distribution, the people who are connected to the server at the moment, and the current bandwidth consumption. The number of server request for a specific time period is also provided so that web administrators are kept abreast with developments. This is a program that provides important statistical data on all the virtual servers being hosted. Users are also provided with vital information on the specific files being accessed by current users.

Handy Software Lab's HTTP Monitor is a performance monitoring program that is specifically intended for Apache servers. This program is indispensable in that it provides essential data on server parameters. Real-time performance is monitored by this server-independent utility.

Handy Software Lab's HTTP Monitor is still functional even when the server is located very far from it. This program can be installed in the office or at home and web masters can easily make use of its functions. The user can create a custom profile for each server so that the flow of management operations is streamlined and efficient. This utility is available for download for free (a demo version), whole the full version is offered at affordable rates.