Handy Recovery Application 5.5

SoftLogica LLC (Shareware)

Handy Recovery is a recovery application developed by SoftLogica LLC. It is specifically designed for restoring accidentally deleted or lost files from memory cards and hard drives. The application supports different file systems such as FAT 12/32/16, NTFS 5 + EFS, and NTFS. When searching for deleted files, the program offers filtering functions allowing users to search files based on name, date, mask, and size.

Other features offered by Handy Recovery include:

• In-depth Scanning – The program’s basic scanning can detect and recover almost all types of deleted files. However, file types,  and file records stored on the hard disk can be deleted. During these instances, the program performs an in-depth scan to try to find the desired file.
• Disk Images Creation – For the program’s deferred recovery, users have the option to generate exact disk images of a logical drive then store it on a separate file on a different drive. The created disk image can be used for recovering data which is stored.
• Preview Window – Handy Recover features a preview window that allows users to view the content of lost or deleted files before recovering it. This feature is mostly used when finding a file that is similar to other files.
• Recovery Probability – Users can also check the probability or statistics of chances of complete recovery for every deleted file.