Utilmind Solutions (Shareware)

Handpad or “handy notepad” is a simple application developed by Utilmind Solutions and offered as a “donateware.” This rather straightforward notebook program is easy to use and is located in the system tray where it does not cause any annoyance to the computer user while other tasks are being performed. It is useful in keeping thought and notes and can be readily accessed using the mouse.  

The text editor is easy to use and presents the content neatly. The text editor also has “Redo” and “Undo” features. In addition, Handpad also supports “Replace” and “Find” functions. Meanwhile a toolbar editor is built-in allowing the user to customize the status bar and toolbar completely or opt to hide both.

When clicked, the program window appears over all the other open windows to facilitate ease of note-taking. This program utilizes flat text files. After installation of Handpad, the program launches automatically when Windows starts. Users who are not partial to this arrangement may modify the setting using the Options menu.

Handpad is designed to automatically upgrade when a new version becomes available to users. The “Check Updates” item has to be clicked in order for the system to check for upgrades. Handpad by Utilmind Solutions is compatible with Windows OS only.