Hand Mirror

BariLab (Shareware)

Hand Mirror is a mobile phone application that provides users with a means of checking their visage when an actual mirror is not readily available. This simple utility is a camera app that turns the phone’s LCD screen into a reflective surface. It is powerful and yet very easy to use. Hand Mirror is a true reflective mirror app that many users can benefit from, including people who need to make immediate adjustments to their contact lenses.

Hand Mirror can be launched in just a few seconds and offers the user with a clean and bright reflection. The image visibility is of very high quality. The user interface does not cause any difficulty even for first-time users.

This application also has additional features that come in handy when the user has to check details in a more in-depth manner such as when re-touching one’s make-up. This program has exposure controls and onscreen zoom controls as well. When using this application, a button may be pushed in order to pause the movement and freeze the image shown as a reflection.

Hand Mirror also has backlight support that is activated when the background reflected behind the person is quite dark. This mirror app also works even in total darkness.