Hancom Office Hanshow 2010 1.2

Hancom Inc(HNC). (Proprietary)

Hancom Office Hanshow 2010 is a program that enables users to create slide presentations. This program has features that allow users to create slide presentations using elements such as text, graphs, images, audio, and video. Hancom Office Hanshow 2010 allows users to create individual slides, edit slide format, add text, color schemes, text and graphic animation, and slide transitions. This program has features and functions similar to Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Hancom Office Hanshow 2010 incorporates a tabbed interface, which allows users to easily access the programs tools without the need to mouse over a large number of menus. This program also features the traditional drop down main menu and ribbon style menus. Each tab contains an open tool box that generates a set of tools when the user places the cursor over the tool box icon. Hancom Office Hanshow 2010 also has a privacy protection feature that allows users to set a password for their presentation files to avoid unauthorized users from opening the file and tampering with the content. This program also contains various image-editing features that allow users to add art effects to image contents of the presentation as well as features that enable users to upload a presentation to Twitter. Hancom Office Hanshow 2010 has a database that contains approximately 4,000 presentation templates.