Hamster Audio Converter

HamsterSoft (Freeware)

Hamster Audio Converter is a universal audio converter which converts audio files such as *.mp3, *.wav, among others. The user does not need to convert audio files one by one as the software supports batch processing. Audio converted using this software can be played on more than 200+ devices including iPad, iPhone3, iPhone 4, iPod, FR Book, Nokia and others.

Hamster Audio Converter has a user-friendly interface which requires no technical expertise whatsoever from the user. It has wizard functionality that sets every parameter needed for the conversion with zero loss on audio quality. To start using the software, the user will simply need to drag and drop the files he need to converted onto the main interface then click Next on the top portion of the screen. The screen will change and will display the range of devices and file types to which the files can be converted to. Once these are set, the user will just click on Convert. The main interface will show the status of the conversion and will display a message once all files have been converted.  The user can also create a collection of audio files and specify the Artist, Album, Album Performer and Genre. An image can also be uploaded and used as album cover.