Hammer Heads Deluxe

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Hammer Heads Deluxe is a game in which players must prevent garden gnomes from overtaking their yard. Players are given a hammer to use to whack the gnomes with when they appear from holes in the lawn. Players must be quick to hit the gnomes with the hammer by double-clicking on them. Successful hits earn points for the players; when special gnomes are hit, players can earn bonuses such as Cupids and Lucky Clovers. These bonuses give players extra coins and lives. When players miss hitting a gnome, they lose health. Players are only given three chances in the game to hit all of the gnomes.

There are also special gnomes, power-ups, and prizes that enable players to upgrade their hammers and earn trophies during the game. There are more than twenty achievement awards that may be obtained in the game. Players can use their points to buy upgrades at the game’s Shiney Store. As the player advances through the game, the speed at which the gnomes pop up from holes increases, making the succeeding levels more challenging. Some gnomes have an indicator at their feet that shows how many times they must be hit before they are destroyed. Hammer Heads Deluxe has three different game modes.