Hamachi Client

LogMeIn Inc. (Shareware)

Hamachi is a virtual networking service program developed by LogMeIn, Inc. The Hamachi Client refers to the Hamachi application and other computers with installed Hamachi Client software. It has the ability to establish direct links between multiple computers behind NAT firewalls. It can be used to establish Internet connection that imitates the connection that exists when computers are connected on a local area network. It allows users with access to access shared files and other tasks that can be done when connected to a LAN network.

The Hamachi Client software can be used in two modes – client-only mode or web management mode. The Client-only mode, or unattached client, works when the program is being used as a standalone program. In this mode, the Hamachi Client is not added to the LogMeIn account. The Web-management mode, or attached client, works when the Hamachi Client is added to a LogMeIn account. In this mode, users can access and manage the attached clients online.

When the Hamachi Client program is used, the program provides an added IP address that recognizes the computer or Hamachi client on any Hamachi virtual client where the computer or Hamachi client joins. The user will then create a virtual network by registering a name and password. Any Hamachi client can access the registered network by logging in the name and password.