Mirolit (Shareware)

Halotea is an audio application that provides users with a collection of calming sound themes to listen to. The realistic and nature-themed soundscapes are designed to help listeners rest and relax. This program allows users to create their own sound themes and customize preset themes according to their preferences and mood. A particular theme can be played during work hours; another can be played to ease the user into a good night’s sleep. This application as a built-in audio player that may be used simultaneously with other media players. This means that users can also listen to their own music while Halotea’s ambient sounds are playing.

Halotea has an intuitive interface that lets users create presets easily. In addition to the audio player, the program also has a built-in recorder that saves sounds in OGG format. There are many other OGG sound bites available in the program, such as a bird chirp or the rustle of leaves. These OGG files may be inserted into presets. Users can choose which sound samples to include and which ones to leave out from a preset. When done, the preset is saved and another can be made. Users can combine multiple customized presets into one theme; it is also possible to repeat a preset within a theme.