Halloween Night Riddle

GameHitZone (Freeware)

Halloween Night Riddle is a 3D logic game in a puzzle board style. In this game, players find themselves lost in an unfamiliar, eerie wood on Halloween Night. As they try to find their way home, they find a strange and deserted mansion and become unexplainably drawn to it. Once there, a witch appears and tells them that in order to find their way home, they must first go inside the mansion and solve riddles.

Players are given a set of tiles laid out flat and a cube. Players need to move the cube until it reaches the purple tile in order to finish a level and move on to the next one, which is more challenging. There are 30 riddles to solve in the game. To begin, players must first study the layout of the tiles and plan their moves. To move the cube, they can use the left, right, down, and up arrow keys or click the mouse in the direction they want the cube to move in. The cube destroys the tiles or plates while moving. Some of the tiles require double destruction.

Players can only move in one direction, one step at a time, so they must be careful to avoid tiles that may keep them from advancing, such as bricks. Players can only reach the purple tile or plate when all of the other plates have been destroyed.