Halloween 3D Screensaver 1.0

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Halloween 3D Screensaver is an application developed by 3Planesoft that depicts a dark and creepy Halloween scene on one’s computer. The screensaver has an artistic 3D graphic design that makes the theme alive and more interesting. There are creepy characters in the scene that make up a cool and frightening atmosphere. The first few seconds of the screensaver shows a carved pumpkin face with glowing eyes and a mouth placed above three lighted candles. The pumpkin imitates the traditional Jack O’ Lantern carving. The pumpkin in the screensaver is very different from real ones since the pumpkin is alive and moving. As the scene progresses, flaming skulls are shown at the back of the pumpkin. As these skulls travel around the corners of the screen, their jaws move upside down. Just beside the pumpkin, there is a pair of moving skeleton hands. These hands are covered with a dark glowing aura that comes out from the ground.  

The application can be downloaded from the main website of 3planesoft. Halloween 3D Screensaver is a shareware application which allows users to download and install the trial version of the program. A trial version grants users to access the features of the program in a given period of time. Once the trial period has expired, users have to buy the application.