Half-Life 2

Valve (Proprietary)

Half-Life 2 is a video game developed by Valve Corporation and initially released in November 2004. This video game is the direct sequel of Half-Life, which was released after a five-year development period. Half-Life 2 is a first person shooter action video game where players explore their environment, fight enemies, and perform tasks in a first-person perspective. Half-Life 2 retains most of the first game’s gameplay elements, which includes fighting with an array of futuristic weapons, solving environmental and physics puzzles, and exploration. Players utilize real-life and fictional projectile weapons such as the .357 Magnum, Crossbow, Emplacement Gun, MP7 Submachine Gun, Hopper Mine, Gravity Gun, pulse Rifle, etc. Puzzles in the video game can be solved by performing actions such as moving objects, pushing buttons, activating switches and levers, and destroying machines. Half-Life 2 also includes different types of enemies that can perform various attacks. Players may defeat enemies using their arsenal of weapons, or using environmental traps such as exploding crates, machines, and barrels, electric traps, firetraps, and water traps. Players are provided with limited ammo that can be replenished by picking up weapons and ammunition packs from different areas in the game or from dead enemies. In addition to these, Half-Life 2 incorporates a new gameplay element where players are joined with a team of allies that obeys the player’s commands and support the player by healing and providing armor.

In Half-Life 2, players take control of the scientist Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist in the previous game. Half-Life 2 is set in a place called City 17 moments after Gordon Freeman survived the Black Mesa incident in Half-Life. The story revolves around the player’s efforts to stop the Combine, an interdimensional organization bent on dominating the universe. Half-Life 2 features two different enemy factions: the Xen, a primitive alien species, and the Combine itself, which is made up of intelligent alien races capable of using weapons. Half-Life 2 focuses on its single-player story mode but also provides a multiplayer mode that can be played through LAN or online.