soft Xpansion (Shareware)

HairMaster is a utility that provides users with a visual representation of the hairstyle that they prefer. After trying out options with this program, users can print out the preferred outcome and bring it to the salon. The output is a digital image that presents exactly what a person would look like with the new haircut. There are about 200 ready to use designs of the highest quality.

HairMaster is instrumental in giving people exactly what they want from their stylist. . In addition, the digital printout can also show a person’s made-over appearance with the addition of makeup, new hair color and accessories as well. An ample array of eye shadow and lipstick options are available, on top of the more than five thousand high resolution hairstyles in the database. HairMaster is a utility that is updated regularly so that users are kept abreast in what is fashionable and trending.

HairMaster outputs may also be e-mailed to friends and family members. The image can be used as wallpapers and desktops. HairMaster is a program by soft Xpansion. It is very easy to operate. A new hairdo and makeup can be produced with just a series of taps. Editing is made simple as well, and the undo function can be very handy.