Ha! DVD Burner Manager

ACARD Technology Corp. (Proprietary)

Ha! DVD Burner Manager is a disc media burning tool developed by ACARD Technology and released on 2005. The program enables users to record data into disc storage media including DVD, VCD, and CD. Its functions are divided between DVD and CD. Under DVD, users can copy DVDs, and create DVD MP3, DVD WMA, DVD File, and DVD Video. In CD, users can copy CDs, and create audio CD, MP3 CD, WMA CD, CD File, Video CD, and SuperVCD. The program is targeted towards personal users, and even corporate users. The program can likewise be useful in a school setup for creating reports and video presentations to be shown by the teacher in class, or passed by the student as school project to the teacher.

Ha! DVD Burner Manager features a light blue user interface. The main functions are located at the top half of the window showing buttons for DVD, VCD, and Settings. The application name and logo occupies the top half. The bottom half features buttons for the different tasks available for both functions. If unavailable in a certain function, the buttons will be grayed out. The program also comes with built-in video splitter and video joiner. It also features conversion functions from CDA to MP3, and from AVI to MPEG. The program likewise offers a testing function. It automatically checks the fidelity of the created DVD or CD to assure the user that the burning process was successful.