Gwenview (Image Viewer)

KDE (Open Source)

Gwenview (Image Viewer) is an image viewing tool developed by KDE in 2005. It has two modes: View and Browse modes. Browse mode features thumbnail views of images contained in the system. To compare, View mode enables users to check and see the images one by one, in its full size. Full Screen mode is applicable to both modes. Full Screen is a tool that enables users to create quick and easy slideshows of selected images. The GUI also features a start screen that enables users to check the most recently opened URLS, as well as folders.

Gwenview’s image loading is made possible through the Qt Library. This enables users to view image file formats that are supported by Qt. Supported formats include JPEG, PNG, and BMP. The program also enables users to see the EXIF information or meta tags. These meta tags may include the GPS information, exposure settings, camera profile, and other information. The program likewise supports lossless JPG transformations including image cropping, rotations, and mirror effect. Nonetheless, the program can recognize embedded color profiles from compressed JPEG image file formats. The program supports synchronization of the screen display color profile and the image color profile.

Gwenview features a grey graphical user interface. The menu bar provides options for File, Edit, View, Go, Plugins, Settings, and Help. Function buttons include Home, Browse, View, Full Screen, Next, Back, Redo, and Undo. The display window is made up of a tabbed interface providing access to Recent Folders, Recent URLs, Places, and Tags.