Enkord (Freeware)

GUNROX is a top-down online multiplayer strategy game. In this game, players command a three-unit squad against other players around the world. It is a turn-based game, so players have to employ tactics in order to defeat enemies. Players make use of many kinds of weapons, such as shotguns and assault rifles. Each member of the squad players control has 12 action points, or AP. Players can move, collect items, shoot, heal, and do other actions using the AP. Weapons may be upgraded and squad skills may be improved as players gain experience or action points.

Players can level up and equip their squad with additional weapons, such as heavy machineguns, grenades, and sniper rifles. Squads can also be customized with perks, such as resistance to damage, added health, and health regeneration. As players advance in level, more points are needed to upgrade, and the more enemies they get to fight. Higher action points also give players access to different maps. Players can interact with others through private messaging. Players can form clans and battle with other clans in the game.

GUNROX is a turn-based game, which requires players to take turns with each action they do. Players are given a time limit per turn.