Gunner 2

Psikyo (Shareware)

Gunner 2 is a fun, exciting, and challenging shooter game that is as conventional as the more mainstream 3D shooter games. This visually compelling computer game uses high quality graphics and studio quality sound effects that make it popular to gamers.

Gunner 2 is also a popular download because of the variety it offers players. First of all, there are 19 different types of enemy crafts. On top of that, there are nine types of weapons available to players. Gunner 2 is an adrenaline-pumping original shooter game in 3D with airborne targets. The game play is considered to be addictive and the deluxe version features unlimited levels for players. Gunner 2 is intended to be a fun, family safe game for everyone to enjoy.

Gunner 2 has three episodes namely Episode I, Episode II, and episode III. The first episode is patterned after World War II. The weapons and aircrafts featured are old-fashioned. Meanwhile, Episode II features more modern weapons and crafts. Finally, Episode III is futuristic. There are plasma weapons and UFOs in this part.

Gunner 2 is offered at a sixty-day money-back guarantee. It may be purchased using a variety of payment methods. A CD order contains a complete pack with free bonus trials.