Gun Metal

Rage Software (Proprietary)

Gun Metal is a shooting game in 3D, in which players take control of a futuristic mech that transforms into an aircraft. The game’s story revolves around a war on the planet Helios, where the humans have chosen to settle. Enemy spacecraft followed the humans as they left Earth and want to exterminate them. To protect the humans, Project Gunmetal was developed. The project is a massive operation in which a powerful war machines, called a mech, is built.

The mech, called the Havoc Suit, stands 10 meters tall and has a range of twelve weapons as well as an electronic shield. Players must control the mech and use its weapons to fight against the enemy forces. The mech transforms into a jet equipped with weapons such as machine guns, lasers, harpoons, napalm, rockets, and pulse cannons. With the mech, players can do battle on the ground. When it is transformed into a jet, it can go in pursuit of enemy spacecraft.

There are 14 missions in the game. As players advance through the different missions, they will be able to unlock more weapons so they can deal more damage on enemy aircraft, tanks, and other combat vehicles. The 3D visualization adds to the realistic effects that include explosions, detailed terrain, and advanced lighting.