Gumboy Crazy Adventures

Cinemax (Proprietary)

Gumboy Crazy Adventures is a platformer adventure game that was first released in 2006. In the game, players control Gumboy, a little red ball with rubbery characteristics. Gumball can float, bounce, jump, fly, and roll on different surfaces. Gumboy can also change the material he is made of, his shape, and size. Players get to visit different locations and control Gumball through different levels while collecting power-ups and completing missions. The game can be played in single-player mode or multiplayer mode. Players can play through LAN and up to 9 players can join in the game at the same time. Multiplayer mode can also be played through the Internet. Other key features of Gumboy Crazy Adventures are as follows:

• Comes with more than 50 game levels with different game environments to enhance the user’s gamplay experience
• Has innovative gameplay that is based on physics of a ball when placed in different environments
• Has different interactive environments including slippery and sticky environments, rain, wind, and water
• Game is set in 6 different worlds including a cave, magical world, field, forest, and more
• Support for game progress saving for different players

Gumboy Crazy Adventures supports displays that are in widescreen format with the aspect ratio 16:9.