Guitar Pro 6

Arobas Music (Shareware)

Guitar Pro is a music application geared towards guitarists. With the program, musicians can view musical scores in full-screen or double page. There’s also a built-in fret board that can be useful for beginners. Advanced guitarists can create scores using the program, too. There are tools for creating scores easily using the keyboard, a numerical keypad, or a MIDI instrument. Guitar Pro features a wide variety of musical symbols, effects, notation elements, and many more. In addition, users can choose from 70 different parameters when creating musical scores. These parameters are based on classic and jazz guitar styles.

Apart from editing and viewing guitar scores, musicians can also use the program to study musical pieces. The program features an RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) technology that ensures the sounds played back sound like genuine guitar playing. Guitarists also have access to a wide range of soundbanks with more than 50 guitar amp and pedal effects. Learning the piece is easy as the score automatically scrolls and the notes are highlighted as they are being played.

Here are more features of Guitar Pro:
Diagram generator (provides variations of finger positions for each chord)
Scale engine with a wide selection of guitar scales (basic to advanced)
Virtual fretboard and keyboard
MIDI and digital tuners
Wide variety of export options (MIDI, ASCII, WAV, PNG, and PDF)