Guitar Guru 1.7.2

Musicnotes, Inc. (Freeware)

Guitar Guru is a guitar-learning program. The program can be used be beginners and advanced guitar players. The tablatures included in the program are accompanied by detailed instructions and visuals that make it easier for beginners to learn how to play the guitar. The main interface of the application consists of tools that will help users learn songs. The virtual fret board that is located at the upper portion of the window shows the proper finger positions in real time. The playback for the songs is also adjustable so users can learn in their own pace.

Here are the different parts and tools of the application:
• Chord Display – The program displays the chords on the screen.
• Tips – A ‘Tips’ button provides playing tips for beginners and advanced guitar players.
• Tune – The TUNE button allows users to switch to a different tune in just one click.
• Guitar Part Selection – Users can select the part of a song to loop for practicing.
• Fret Board – The virtual fret board’s size can be minimized, maximized, or fit to the window.

Another feature of the Guitar Guru is voice command. Using this tool, guitarists can use and control the program with voice commands, eliminating the need to put down the guitar when changing the application’s options. Guitar Guru has more than 2000 songs in its database.