Guitar FX Box

Sasa Gojkovic (Bundled)

Guitar FX Box is program which allows users to incorporate sound effects into guitar or voice sounds. For instance, it can include effects such as Echo, Pitch shifter, and Tremolo into a voice or guitar sound while it is being played. It allows use of multiple or even all effects at the same time depending on a user’s preference.  Latency or delay is around 20 milliseconds for most sound card inputs but this is ultimately dependent on the hardware used and can go to only about 5 milliseconds for some.

Guitar FX Box makes use of a sound card, a small device which facilitates communication of audio signals (both input and output) between a computer and a computer program. The user needs to plug the guitar to the sound card input and can then start using the program. The program comes with a user-friendly interface which allows users to manage sound effects by creating presets or assigning quick preset functions to some keys, adjusting the tuner, controlling game pedals, as well as managing the file input and output. Other effects included are Volume swell, Phaser, Reverb, Wah-Wah, Chorus, I/O equalizer, Dynamic compressor, Overdrive or Distortion, and Amplifier & Speaker cabinet simulator.