Arc System Works (Proprietary)

GUILTY GEAR X2 #RELOAD is a 2D fighter game in which players go head to head against characters, called Guilty Gears. This game features a variety of modes, such as Versus, Arcade, Story, Medal of Millionaire, Mission, and Survival. There is also a Training mode in which players can learn about the different characters, their strengths, and the controls for different fighting moves. Each character also has a signature move, and players can do combos to inflict more damage to opponents.

Players can initiate matches with other online players. The player first selects the language to International or Regional to indicate whether players from any region can join, or whether the player prefers to invite only those from the same region. Next, users can select the number of rounds they want in a match. There are two choices: three or five. Then, players can specify whether they can allow EX characters to be played or if they want to enable Instant Kill moves. The match can also be set to public or private. After setting up the options, players can wait for an opponent.

Players can also request for a rematch. In a rematch, players can either select the same character or pick a new one to play. If players do not want a rematch, they can create a new game or join a match created by another player.