Guild Wars

ArenaNet (Shareware)

Guild Wars is a fantasy 3D CORPG (Competitive Online Role-Playing Game) created by ArenaNet. It was first released on April 26, 2005 and published by NCSoft. The game features three standalone episodes (Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall) as well as one expansion pack (Eye of the North). The game revolves around the fictional world of Tyria. Players need to create their character, a 3D avatar, in order to interact with other players and the Tyria world where players can run/walk, chat with other players or perform actions like combat. Character creation requires players to choose their profession (up to 10 professions). Players can interact in Tyria through staging zones known as outposts and towns. These locations offer services to players. It is also where players can form guilds, a major attribute in the game.

There are two gameplay modes in Guild Wars – competitive PvP and cooperative role-playing. The cooperative gameplay is similar to a single-player campaign mode. The player must complete missions, quests and kill NPCs to advance in the story and earn rewards. The rewards player get from the coop mode include skill points, experience points, gold, skills, faction and more. Each campaign consists of a linear story that contains quests and missions. The game also contains different types of Person vs. Environment such as Explorable Area, Cooperative Mission, Dungeon, Elite Mission and Challenge Mission. The competitive gameplay mode is similar to the multiplayer mode where players compete with other players or group of players (guild). In this mode, players are rewarded with faction points and experience points. There are also different game modes in the competitive gameplay such as Codex Arena, Alliance Battles, Random Arena, Heroes’ Ascent, Mini-game, Competitive Missions and more.