GuideTool 1.2.4

1Geek1Tool (Freeware)

Guide Tool is a management application for Windows Media Center. It is intended for users who change listings and move channels frequently. It has a simple user interface. In the main window, available channels and guide services are displayed. It provides the channel name, number, and available tuners. The channels are editable and can be viewed from different tuners by providing the guide service name, call sign, and number. The application can connect to other Media Centers, which can be used when adjusting guide lineups. To connect to a media center, users must provide a hostname.

The software has various lineups with different guide services that users can subscribe to, so long as these channels are available in their Media Center applications. It can merge tuners based on such shared channel attributes as channel number, call sign, and guide service, to name a few. Source channels synchronization from DVBLink operations can also be performed within the application by choosing a DVBLink Tuner, Satellite, and source name. It allows users to restore their previously edited channel name and numbers to their default values. Channel visibility can be toggled. The application can generate MXF files for users who wish to troubleshoot technical issues with the application.