GUI Octave

Joaquim Varandas (Freeware)

GUI Octave is a command-source Graphical User Interface that can facilitate numerically solutions for both nonlinear and linear problems. This program is intended for high-level GNU Octave language as well as for experiments that involve MATLAB-compatible languages. This tool simplifies the use of GNU octave by providing a user interface that is clean, convenient, and simple to use.

Some of the main features of this application are syntax highlighting, completion options (automatic) as well as Octave language statements. The numerical experiments that this utility is capable of include matrix creation arithmetic operations plus the use of variables, scripts, statements, functions, and expressions. All these functions can be completed with very minimum effort from the user.

GUI Octave is a program developed by Joaquim Varandas that may also be utilized as a batch-oriented language. The graphical user interface that this tool provides users is a good feature, on top of the better command line version that Octave originally contained.

GUI Octave may also be used with the command-line console. It makes possible for variables from formats such as plain text, FBIN, FHDF5, ZIP, MAT, BIN to be used and then saved in the original format. In using this utility, the user can also select, delete, rename, duplicate, copy and paste variables. With this program, the entire procedure involved in running GNU Octave command-line console is made so much easier to do.