Guerrilla Bob

WildTangent, Inc. (Proprietary)

Guerrilla Bob is a third-person dual-stick shooter game developed by the company, Angry Mob Games. The player takes on the character of Bob, who used to be an esteemed soldier but lost everything because of the deceit of his friend, John Gore. Now, he is bent on seeking revenge on Gore and the player’s task is to control Bob in fulfilling this mission. This game offers seven stages of gun action between Bob and a variety of enemies. The player will have to defeat kamikaze soldiers, machine gun troopers, bomb throwers, and other adversaries. The player must utilize the dual-stick controls to circle big and small targets and then barrage then barrage them with bullets, flames, and rockets. Players will occasionally meet tents full of enemies, and the ideal way to eliminate them is by using fire repeatedly or fighting with boss soldiers.

Guerrilla Bob offers three game modes: Arcade, Mercenary, and Survival. Once the player has completed the main game in the Arcade mode, the Survival mode is unlocked. In this very long game, the player’s primary goal is to avoid getting killed by enemies. In the Mercenary mode, the goal is collecting money and using it to purchase more powerful weapons. This game also offers a multi-player feature, which enables players to engage in cross-platform gaming.