Gareth Hadfield (Freeware)

The GTRipple desktop program was developed and released by Gareth Hadfield. The program serves a basic purpose. The program allows its users to add special ripple effects to desktop images. By adding the ripples to desktop wallpaper, the effect of waves is produced. This adds visual interest to the wallpaper, and can further personalize the desktop whether the image used as wallpaper is user-generated or taken from the Internet.

GTRipple is easy to use, even for novice users who do not have photo-editing expertise. It first has to be installed into the system and then it can be activated from the start menu. The user can also add a desktop icon for easy launching. The application can be configured to add ripples manually or automatically depending on what the user prefers. It can also be configured to time the ripples that are applied to the wallpaper. The ripples can also be controlled in such a way that the waves produced are gentle or powerful.

Upon installation of GTRipple, the system tray will house an “R” icon. When clicked on, the icon will open the “options” or main window. This can stop the rippling effect, hide the icons on the desktop, or refresh the desktop. Sliding buttons will allow the user to set the strength of the wave effects produced by the application.