10tacle Studios AG (Shareware)

GTR 2 is a racing simulator game program developed by Blimey! Games Ltd. It was first released on September 29, 2006. The game features single player and multiplayer gameplays. The single player mode consists of several game events such as Driving School, Open Practice, Race Weekend, Time Trials, 24hr Races and Championships. The game also features 27 car models (e.g. Ferrari 575 Maranello, Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT, Maserati MC12, Porsche GT3-RS, etc…) and 15 real-world tracks (e.g. Anderstorp, Donington Park, Estoril, Imola, Oschersleben, others…). The game also features three levels of difficulty – novice, semi-pro and simulation.

In the Driving School event, the player can learn all the basics of racing from a professional trainer. In this mode, players can earn golden gears by completing challenges. Golden gears are used to unlock the Custom Championship mode. Aside from the Driving School event, there’s also the Open Practice that enables players to practice their driving skill at any circuit using any car setup. Players can also race against themselves in the Time Trials events. Competing in a standalone race against AI cars is also possible in the Race Weekend event. The game’s 24 hour Races is also present to help test the stamina and skill by racing in a realistic weather and day/night cycles. The last single-player event, Championships, is a type of race that mimics the real FIA-GT championship series. The multiplayer mode enables players to race against other opponents over the Internet via GTR 2 Internet system, over the Internet via TCP/IP connection or over LAN.

GTR 2 also offers modification feature that enables players to create custom game content, such as custom championships.