Techland (Shareware)

Developed by software gaming company Techland, GTI Racing lets players drive a wide variety of Volkswagen vehicles, ranging from the renowned Beetle to different models of the Golf, from classic to modern ones.  Set in different tracks designed for the game, including drag racing, closed circuit, and highway, virtual drivers can participate in over 70 races and 25 championship matches all over Europe.

The game features realistic physics that challenge players to display their best driving skills.  They must overcome obstacles, drive on different surfaces, turn sharp corners, and simply try to stay on the road and not get pushed off by opponents.  The game also gives players the option to race in different weather conditions or time of day, a feature which can be adjusted according to a gamer’s preference.  

During races, players’ cars can suffer from damage, including dents and cracks, which would have to be repaired in the garage.  Aside from repairs, GTI Racing also lets players customize their cars, with a wide range of parts available.  Car customization includes changing tire width, adjusting suspension height, improving transmissions, and more.   Players can also paint their vehicles a different color, add lights, and put in other elements  that make their cars more personal according to their tastes.