Gt Motive (Proprietary)

GT Estimate is a software program that was developed by the Spanish company GT Motive, which is part of the Mitchell Partner Group of Companies. The company has been developing numerous programs and applications that aim to provide solutions to concerns involving technology applied to the automotive industry. This application provides its users with the ability to assess various problems encountered when dealing with motor vehicles. It is primarily used to determine any issues with maintenance but is also utilized to make assessments when it comes to vehicle breakdowns or accident-caused concerns.

Most of the users of GT Estimate are people who work in vehicle repair establishments. The program provides a comprehensive assessment of vehicles and informs the user on which components require repairs or replacement. Other regular program users include auto insurance companies and mechanical warranty release groups.

The program assesses vehicles part by part. Any intended repairs or replacements can also be noted down on the software program. The interface is simple yet comprehensive. There is a window that provides the user with a display panel carrying the different components of the vehicle and on the other side is a different panel where all intended actions are recorded. This software program  is necessary in identifying a precise budget estimate on auto services.