Gtech PASS RR 2.0

TESLA Electronics (Proprietary)

Gtech PASS RR 2.0 is a racing software developed by TESLA Electronics. Gtech PASS stands for Gtech PC Analysis System Software. The program enables users to analyze and compare their runs. The program has two modes: Road racing mode and Drag Racing mode. In Road Racing mode, the racer can analyze and compare up to 2 sessions simultaneously. For each session, the program tracks the RPMs, Longitudinal Gs, and Lateral Gs. The program features powerful viewing tools enabling users to zoom in or out to check and see the minutest details of the run. During the replay, the RPM is updated in real time by the program. The program also comes with the G-G Circle which enables users to see their performance envelop.

Gtech PASS RR 2.0 Drag Racing mode, in comparison, displays up to four runs simultaneously. In each run, the program provides the car information including the redline, and weight, among others. To analyze and compare the runs, the users can utilize any of the available graphs rendered by the program. These are: HP & TO vs. RPM or the Dynoplot, HP vs. Time, RPM vs. Time, Speed vs. Time, Gs vs. Time, Distance vs. Time,  and Speed vs. Braking Distance. Users can check the Acceleration, Passing, and Zone-Speed-Zero. The numbers are shown in increments of 10 mph, similar to those seen in racing magazines.