GTA - Snow Andreas

Spyfan (Freeware)

GTA - Snow Andreas is a mod for the computer racing game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This mod gives players a snowy and wintry environment while racing. It does not change the how the game is played, but since snow is a different terrain, it gives players a new challenge when competing in races. The mod puts snow on all of the game’s scenarios. The graphics are crisp and photorealistic, including snow tracks, the reflection of snow, and small icicles on objects.

This mod provides players with a weather control system so they can adjust the amount of snow. They can choose to keep the day sunny, have a light snowfall, or invoke a full-blown blizzard. The mod also gives players new content, including the following:

• Sounds – both for vehicles and weapons
• Vehicles – including rims, tires, tuning parts, and LED and Xenon headlights
• Realistic snow effects – such as footsteps on the pavement, tracks made during braking, and tracks on the road

GTA - Snow Andreas replaces more than 1700 textures (including interiors) and 192 vehicles in the original game. It also comes with a free movable camera so users can choose which viewing angle to use when racing. The mod also gives players new missions to do.